Diabetic Alert Dogs are a new and somewhat controversial intervention for helping those with Type 1 Diabetes.  According to some, because there has not been extensive scientific research into diabetic alert dogs, they must not exist.  However, they do exist and are being placed in homes across the nation - and working!

Watch the video to see a slideshow from the first Diabetic Alert Dog workshop for kids held in Texas in 2008!


DADs as they are often called, can be trained to detect high or low blood glucose levels and give an "alert" to the handler that their blood glucose level is out of range.  The dogs can be taught up to seven "alerts" to distinguish the handler's condition even farther.  They are taught what your "safe" zone is and then taught to alert you if you go out of this range.  

DADs often alert their handler up to one hour before they will show a change in their blood glucose levels on a meter or CGM system.  This gives the handler the opportunity to fix the problem before it becomes a major problem.  Handlers have noted that the dogs have kept them in their safe range for months by giving this alert. 

The Diabetic Alert Dogs that we use are sweet tempered, smart and very easily trained.  They are willing to serve and great at detecting highs and lows.  They begin their scent training as early as 8 weeks of age and can be trained to do the program at the same age!


A Child's Best Friend

When your child has diabetes, you can never stop thinking about them, but with a properly trained medical alert dog you can relax a little more each day as it grows to know your child. Most parents worry that their diabetic child will be unable to lead an independent life; but with a DAD dog with them, these children can start to feel self-reliant, free to be more active and fully enjoy living life.

Some of our Diabetic
Alert Dogs:
Michael and Chef

Kylani and Ariel
 Dwain and Chance
Nicole and Lexi