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What are Therapy Dogs?
Therapy pets willingly give of themselves and have an unconditional love and acceptance of the elderly and handicapped whether they are adults or children. They should be able to motivate people to talk, or reminisce on the past or to accomplish something they haven’t done or tried in years. It could be as simple as a smile or one spoken word, but it could be the first time this has happened in forever. Therapy animals often produce "miracles" by their mere presence.
They can be of any breed, mixed-breed, purebred, small, large, retired from showing, or active showing. Dogs should be familiar at least with Novice Obedience and, preferably, Advanced Obedience work, and should know or learn some tricks. Dogs are expected to get along with other dogs well, as they will be working in close surroundings with other pets. Dogs must get along with adults, children and be comfortable in new and unusual environments. 
Aggression on any pets part is not tolerated in this program for obvious reasons. No shyness, or nervousness around strangers or large crowds should be exhibited.

Our Therapy Dog teams travel throughout Kentucky to schools, hospitals, libraries, and nursing homes to share happiness and provide education (for example: our Therapy Dogs help kids enhance their reading skills through the "Books and Best Friends" program). Ask us about visiting your facility.
Once you are a therapy dog team with us, click here to find out how to earn an AKC Therapy Dog title with your dog.