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Who we are

We have been in business since 1993, and have gone through a lot of changes over time. Our organization has evolved into the present Pawsibilities Unleashed, Inc. a Non-Profit Organization. EIN #47-4272326

What we believe

Any dog that no longer has a home or owner, regardless of where it came from, is a rescue.



Owner Turn In

Breeder / Owner Turn in

Craig's List

Puppy Mill

Another Rescue, Shelter or Humane Society

Private Rescue

Definition of Rescue by Merriam-Webster Dictionary

to free from confinement, danger, or evil; save or deliver; a liberation, freeing.

How we get our dogs:

Our dogs come from various sources. We have a network of people that keep us informed of dogs that need re-homing. We are constantly looking for dogs that can be trained for therapy work, animal assisted therapy, emotional support, and service dogs for children and adults.

If the dogs do not pan out to be able to do the work, or we do not have an application for the size of the dog that we have available, we will place it as a companion/pet adoption. We will not keep a dog here, waiting for a home, hoping the perfect service or working application comes along. 

What we look for in our in takes:

We will not take in a dog that has bitten, has a bite history, has attacked another dog(s) or shown any aggression of this type. If you turn in  a dog to us and are untruthful about the dog(s) history, then we will not place it in any home.

A dog can be timid, but not a fear biter, a dog can be assertive, but not prone to attack, but it can not show aggression towards being handled, hands in food bowls, being touched all over, sharing toys with another human, etc.

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