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Hi, I'm Bella 



POTs (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) Service Dog


From shelter dog to super dog!  Bella came to us as "Izzy" from Saving Sunny, Inc. rescue.  She was a perfect match for a client we had.  


"I just wanted to shoot you an email to tell you a little bit about my first days with "Izzy".  First things first, we have decided on a name!  We decided to name her Belichick - who is the head coach for the Patriots, but Bella for short.  So far she has been the most incredible dog in the world!  She is so sweet and cuddly, and she definitely thinks she is a lap dog!  She is so beautiful that she takes my breath away, and she is always getting compliments on the street.  She is adjusting really well to campus and my dorm, even if the squirrels drive her crazy!  She is also sooo smart!  She is doing amazingly well with her commands especially in class and in restaurants!  She will for the most part just lay on her Go Place mat and not try to get up or beg for attention.  We even had to go to the emergency room on Monday night, and while she was very nervous and concerned she was super well behaved!"


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