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Paw and Order 

Our Prison Dog Training Program

We are happy to have several prison dog training programs for service dogs and other training.  This program, like all our programs is based on positive training methods.  Our partnership with the prison programs are all located in Kentucky. This will not only help us with training of service dogs and therapy dogs, but it will help the participants in the program learn skills that will enable them to get jobs in their community once they are released.  So this follows along with the principle we have always had - "Helping Dogs, Help People".  

Currently at our state program, we have 7, 2-man teams of handlers working in the program, for a total of 14 handlers.  Each team has one dog to train.  This gets the dogs more exposure to more situations and helps generalize their skills to more than one person.  These dogs will be trained to do different jobs based on each dog's abilities.  As the dogs go through the program, they will be evaluated to determine their specific job skills and when ready, we will begin training the task work with them.  

Any dog that does not meet service dog guidelines will be placed up for adoption. The adoption fee will go directly back into the prison training program to help us continue to offer this partnership. They will make wonderful pets, therapy dogs or emotional support dogs. 

For more information on our Prison Dog Training Program, please contact us.

What your dog will learn:

  • Crate Training

  • House Training

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Come

  • Stand

  • Wait                                 (For everything because it's rude not too)

  • Go Place                         (Go lay on that spot I point to)

  • Loose leash walking       (Heel & Let's Go)

  • Watch Me                       (Attention & Focus to handler eye to eye)

  • Leave it                          (You can never have that)

  • Touch           (Teaches the dog to place it's nose in the center of your palm)

  • Relax                             (Lay upside down in your lap and self-calm)

  • Tethering                        (Attach dog to something and let it self-calm)

  • Off                                  (Get off me, couch, whatever you are on)

  • Go Potty on Command

  • Fix it                                (Fix your own leash if tangled around legs)

  • Make Friend's                 (If you want your dog to go socialize)

  • Husbandry skills (Grooming and being touched all over by strangers)


Wish List

Donated Items Needed

  • Dog toys

  • Dog chews - hooves, raw hides, etc.

  • Leashes, harnesses

  • Treats (Colby Jack Cheese)

  • Mats / Rugs for Go Place

  • Copy Paper

  • Toner (please ask us the kind)

  • Items such as remote controls, old cell phones, etc. to help teach retrieval

If you would like to donate items or if you would like to set up a donation location at your work, please contact us.  

We appreciate all donations!

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