Trained Facility Therapy Dogs

We now offer the service of providing trained therapy dogs for facilities.  These dogs would live with someone that works at the facility and go with them daily to work as a therapy dog for the facility.

Having an on-site therapy dog is great for schools, doctor's offices, psychologists, psychiatrists, hospitals, nursing homes, family therapists, and anywhere people may need comfort and the love of a dog. 

This can be done a couple of different ways.

1)  We can find a dog that we feel would make a great therapy dog, you adopt it from us and take it through the classes to learn how to teach it obedience, manners and what it needs to be a therapy dog.  Then you do your 10 hours of therapy work and could then become a certified and insured therapy dog team.

2)  We can find a dog that we feel would make a great therapy dog to meet your facility's needs, we train the dog obedience, manners and public work.  You would then come to some classes to learn to work the dog and use the commands.  Then you can become certified and ready to work in your facility with the dog.

*You must have your dog re-evaluated each year with us to renew insurance coverage with us.  If this is not a possibility, please discuss insurance coverage after your first year with your facility and inform us of your plans.