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Hi, I'm Chef!


Diabetic Alert Dog


A young man came to us requesting we help with training a service dog.  He never thought he would ever be able to afford one.  His medical issue, very brittle diabetes.  As chance would have it, we had a beautiful yellow lab puppy that was an owner turn in.  We introduced them, it was a go, and they started training with us.  Chef became a Diabetic Alert Dog and traveled everywhere with his owner.


They have been a team over 4 years now and have since moved out of state, but keep in touch often.  


Here is what Chef and his dad had to say about their training and accomplishments.


"I have to say a very grateful thank you to Liz Norris for putting such an amazing dog in my life to look after me!  I haven't had a low during the night for at least a couple years and last night I had a pretty bad low, 52, and I don't know how long Chef was alerting before we woke up but he was pacing, licking and just doing anything he could to get us awake.  He was so persistent and I was so happy that he was able to intervene before it dropped even lower, that he got a special middle of the night rawhide....his favorite treat ever!  I can't thank everyone involved with PUPT enough for being such amazing and caring people to do the work that you do, you all are simply put, THE BEST!"



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