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Hi, I'm Emma!




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Diabetic Alert Dog 


I'm not only going to be used for Diabetes alert, I also help Chell with anxieties, and once I reach the age of two, I'll help Chell with mobility. 

My new favorite treat is dehydrated Chicken. When I alert Chell to a high or low blood sugar, I get these yummy treats!

One of my favorite things to do, is to steal Chell's clothes and lay on them. When Chell is not looking, I like to stuff my nose in her shoes, and fall asleep. 

I also like to chew on my stuffed animals, and other toys. I like to go for walks. I love attention!


From Chell's Mom:  "Emma brings tears to my eyes & joy to my heart every time she alerts Chell to the highs/lows of blood sugars & to the blood pressure changes. "Thank You" Lord for Emma!"

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