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I have a very important job!  I am a Diabetic Alert Dog for my girl and best friend, Kyla!  We do everything together!  And when she isn't feeling so well, I let her know and I let Mom and Dad know too so they can help her feel better.  


From Mom:

"Kyla is a CHD survivor and a type 1 diabetic.  Hershey has helped us in so many ways.  She almost alerts 100%.  She is really good at the lows.  She alerts Kyla as well as tells us too.  For instance, we were in Nationwide Children's Hospital and all the way through the hospital Hershey alerted.  She has alerted several times outside the home and inside the home as well.  I can go on and on about Hershey helping our daughter in more than alerting.  She is her best friend.  They are two peas in a pod!"






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