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PTSD Service Dog















"I have to say thank you to Liz Norris , Josh Daughertyand all those involved at Pawsibilities Unleashed Pet Therapy of Kentucky. Penny is the best co-pilot I could ever have. Took 5 years of patience and persistence but she finally landed in my lap thanks to these wonderful people. I have only had her for less than one month, but I have not felt an ounce of depression since she became my partner!!! 

Amazing she is in that she so quickly became my best buddy, and actually alerted me at work the other day, to a stressful situation that could have quickly gotten out of control. She basically let me know that my stress/anxiety level was rising and gave me a perfect reason to excuse myself for some needed "me" time before things became too overbearing and destructive. She is a natural PTSD service dog and I cannot wait to work with her after she is fully trained! 

I am really thankful to have Penny in my life and am looking forward to now living a fruitful and productive life rather than a meager existence. 

For those who do not understand the true meaning of PUPPY POWER... I suggest you do some research into it..."

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